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Prenatal Appointments

I offer two prenatal visits where you can ask questions and we can make a plan for the birth you are hoping for.  The first visit focuses on creating a birth plan, whether it's very simple or more complex, we will cater it to what you want.  The second prenatal we go over stages of labor and comfort measures that can be used in labor.  It's a great time to ask questions and go over any expectations for labor that you may have.  I also include a postpartum visit that we have within two weeks after delivery when we can connect and chat about the birth and I get to snuggle that baby!

Labor and Birth

I love to meet my clients at home in their laboring process so that we can work through some of that early labor together.  However, sometimes it works best to meet up at the hospital or place of birth.  Whether you are delivering at home, a birth center, or hospital, I can facilitate an easy transition.  I will transfer with you to your place of delivery and give support throughout.  I usually stay with parents and baby about an hour after delivery. I really try to create an environment where the laboring mother feels supported and confident.


We can't thank you enough for all that you did to make our birth experience so magical and memorable. I still can't get over how you did everything the way I needed it at the right time! -Marleena

We are so grateful that we found you to help us on this journey.  You were a blessing and we couldn't have gotten through our special day without you. You were such a strong, supportive and warm comfort to us that never wavered.

-Cynthia and Jeff

Thank you so much for being such an intimate part of the birth of our new baby.  I couldn't have dreamed of a better "team". You were such a pro! Thank you for all your encouragement and confidence. I truly couldn't have done it without you. -Kayli

Thank you so much for all your caring, support, and encouragement before, during, and after Chloe's birth. I don't know if I could have made it through the many hours of back labor without your awesome massage! -Lisa

You are a blessing to not only us, but to all the lucky families who have had your present for their birth. I was so scared and know that our induction would not have been as successful as it was if you were not there. -Lindsay

About me

Home life

I live in beautiful San Clemente, CA with my four kids and husband (and dog!) We love the beach and are usually found swimming or surfing.  I obviously love everything babies and birth!  I still remember as a 5th grader, standing with my doctor coat on for career day, telling everyone that I would be an OBGYN one day. I truly feel like it has been a calling in my life to support women and families in this experience.  I love the chance that I get to connect with others at the most pure level and be there to support them through one of life's greatest blessings.  It's really such an honor and I'm so grateful for the work I get to do.  

My own birth experiences

I delivered my son Oliver back in 2007, and had a fast and furious firth birth with insane back labor.  I opted for the epidural and was so grateful for the relief I felt with it.  At the same time, part of me felt like I had gone from the driver's seat to being a passenger in my own labor, and I wanted to feel present for the experience.  For my daughter Amelie's birth in 2009, I was pleasantly surprised when I had zero back labor and had a totally different experience.  I was able to deliver medication free and felt hooked on the transformative experience.  My last two children, Nora and Ben, I was also able to have natural labors delivering on hands and knees in the hospital and felt very supported.  It was incredibly empowering.

My birth philosophy

When I started practicing as a doula back in 2010, I had a very set philosophy of how I thought birth should be.  As I have worked with different families, and with very different labors, I have come to realize that a beautiful birth is whenever a mother has choices and support in childbirth.  My goal is to create a space for her and her partner to feel safe and empowered.  I have attended homebirths, birth center births, hospital births, medicated, non-medicated and everything in between.  I am certified through DONA International and have worked as a doula and birth assistant under some of the best midwives.  I have attended over 100 births!  It is such a journey and a learning process and I feel extremely blessed to travel alongside these beautiful families.  

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Please feel free to reach out by email or phone to further learn about my services.  I encourage any of my potential clients to set up a non-commital consultation so we can meet up and see if we are a good match! I also have an instagram account @dolcedoula for more info about me.